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Joma Sipe
Collaborações e Outros Trabalhos
(Collaborations and Other Works)

A Series Works made as Collaborations with Friends and Other Works

Uma Série de Trabalhos feitas em colaboração com Amigos e Outros Trabalhos

Frontispiece for

The First Salon Of Theosophy 2020

(September 2020)

I was working some days and weeks ago on the Frontispiece for The First Salon of Theosophy, founded by Erica Georgiades and co-hosted by Lyndon Smith and Taposhri Ganguly, that took place on the 7th September this year. It was a great pleasure and honor to be the first guest of The Salon and to work on The Frontispiece.

The First Salon of Theosophy (FINAL FINI

This Frontispiece was first inspired by the main structure of the frontispiece created by A. S. (I believe the name of Alexandre Séon) that took place between the 10th March and 10th April 1892. This Salon was created by Sar Mérodack Joséphin Peladan to promote artists and Art as a Grand and Spiritual Mystery:


"Nous sommes peu contre tous, mais les anges sont nôtres.

Nous n'avons point de chefs, mais les vieux maîtres du haut du paradis, nous guideront vers Montsalvat. (...) nous oeuvrerons aux échos des prières, émules, non rivaux, différents, non pas divergents ; car l'artiste est un prêtre, un roi un mage ! car l'art est un mystère, le seul empire véritable, le grand miracle!"

Sar Peladan, Salon de la Rose-Croix, Avril, 1892


Artists like Carlos Schawbe, Jean Delville, Alphonse Osbert, Alexandre Séon, and many others were present at the Salon with their art works.

My Frontispiece was based on the main general theme, the Assyrian winged bull with human head, from the statues on the main doors at the palace of Khorsabad city, the main Gothic arch and the winged rose at the top of the arch.


I then use other main Symbolist and Theosophical motifs to draw my version. The main structure was then framed with a lotus flower motif, having on the top the motto of The Theosophical Society in Sanskrit (Satyan Nasti Paroh Dharma – There is no Dharma higher than Truth). On the top of the arch there is the double triangle, within it there is the swastika cross. Also the Om symbol is placed inside the winged Scarabeus, a symbol of immortality. You can also see the Egyptian cobra Uraeus/Wadget.


On the left side of the arch, the Diagram consists of the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, arranged in a Pythagorean Tetractys shape, to create God´s Name that also is repeated at the bottom center of the entire frame.


On the right side the serpent surrounding a T shape sword, this was one of the first symbols for the Theosophical Society symbols, representing the two capitals TS interlaced.


These two drawings are inside the Ouroboros symbol and also represent the two triangles, one up and other down, symbolising the masculine and feminine, positive and negative aspects of energy present in the Universe.

Also on the arch, inside a 6 pointed star, the letters of the word SAT (truth) represented and by H.P.B. on her seal ring.


Down at the center the Egyptian cross ANKH, and at left the Greek word ALPHA (beginning) and at right OMEGA (end), representing infinity.



This theme was the name "THE HEART CHAMBER OF THE LION" and was inspired on W. Q. Judge contribution to "H.P. B. - In Memory of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky by some of her Pupils”. London, New York, Madras, 1891, where he mentions:


"(...) Others I know have looked with suspicion on an appearance they could not fathom, and though it is true they adduce many proofs which, hugged to the breast, would damn sages and gods, yet it is only through blindness they failed to see the lion's glance, the diamond heart of H. P. B. (...) H. P. B. had a lion heart, and on the work traced out for her she had the lion's grasp;(...)".


And also in his article published on "The Path, vol. VI, N. 3, June, 1891":


"H. P. B. : A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes

(...) That she always knew what would be done by the world in the way of slander and abuse I also know, for in 1875 she told me that she was then embarking on a work that would draw upon her unmerited slander, implacable malice, uninterrupted misunderstanding, constant work, and no worldly reward. Yet in the face of this her lion heart carried her on. Nor was she unaware of the future of the Society. In 1876 she told me in detail the course of the Society's growth for future years, of its infancy, of its struggles, of its rise into the "luminous zone" of the public mind; and these prophecies are being all fulfilled.(...)".


Also on the Frontispiece dedication of Jasper Niemand (Julia Keightley / Mrs. J. Campbell Ver-Planck) book "The Wonder-Light and Other Tales. True Philosophy for Children", London: Theosophical Publishing Company, 1890. Dedication: "To the Lion Heart now known as Helena Petronovna Blavatsky this little book is offered by the author."


From H.P. Blavatsky book, "Isis Unveiled", and the amazing and detailed gold spine of the early editions,  I took the main Isis Goddess figure seated on a Sphinx, with Lion body and Human face, using a long Veil and holding a Tyet (also known as girdle of Isis). Also the figures of "Adonai" and "Adanari", that appear on pages 452 and 453 of the 1877 first original edition of “Volume II – Theology”.

Frontispiece for

The European School of Theosophy 2021

(November 2020)

This Frontispiece was inspired by a secondary theme for The European School of Theosophy 2021 – The Secret Doctrine.

On the center bottom of the entire structure of the Frontispiece, H.P.B. personal signet seal, with her Astrological and Kaballistical signs, representing Leo, Virgo, the Hebrew letter “Shin”, the Swastika, the coronet of the Countess, the Ouroboros, the double triangle or Solomon´s Seal and the E.B. letters standing for Elena Blavatsky. (this we can know from “The Path”, Vol. VII, N. 11, February 1893, page 343). The other symbol on the down righ remains a mstery to me, i relate it with the symbol for the Ascending Lunar Node or Rahu.


I also used the Tetraktys of Pythagoras, being this a triangle in which were placed ten points or numbers from one to ten, arranged that there were four along each of the three sides of the triangle and one in the center. This one representing on the place of the ten points or numbers, the Hebrew Letters of the Tetragrammaton or “The Four Sacred Letters of God´s Name YHWH, the Hebrew word  ”.


On both sides of the Arch the symbol for The Flower of Life.


On the two pillars beside the Isis figure, the motto of The Theosophical Society “Satyat Nasti Paro Dharmah” in Sanskrit Letters, meaning “There Is No Religion Higher Than Truth” and the name “The European Shool of Theosophy” written in Greek Alphabet.


On the center top the letters “T S” standing for Theosophical Society, arranged in a Monogram figure, the letters Alfa and Omega and the “OM or AUM” ॐ letter.


On the middle of the structure the word “SAT” सत् (Sanskrit word for “Absolute Truth”) used by H.P.B. on her signet ring.


On both sides of the main arch structure, the Astrological Signs for Leo, the symbol and the Leo Constellation drawn by the rulling major stars, also the Symbol and the Planetary Seal for the Sun, the planet regent of Leo, and the two Sigils for the Intelligence Nakiel and the Spirit Sorath.


The Lucifer Collection 2021 Frontispiece

Frontispiece for

The Lucifer Collection 2021 

(March 2021)

This Frontispiece was inspired by the 1887 first cover for Lucifer Magazine.

The main structure for the Frontispiece is based on the first cover that appeared on the first issue of Lucifer in London, September, 15th 1887. It had a dark blueish backgound, and a man descending (from heavens) holding a star on his right hand, the main drawing figure and text enlighted in gold leaf.

The Frontispiece I created has this image on the center of the entire frame, surrounded mainly by Egyptian symbolist motifs, as the Lotus Flowers, the five pointed stars, the Egyptian Vulture, Scarab and others.

Download the Joma Sipe Lucifer 2021 Frontspiece Explanation:

Download the Joma Sipe Lucifer Cover Research:

Visit The Lucifer Collection:


Certificate for


(November 2021)

Certificate made for The School of The Wisdom at Adyar.

Download The School of The Wisdom Certificate Explanation:

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Mensagem da Terra do Silêncio l Message From The Land of Silence

(August 2023)

Comissão de um Trabalho Original para uma amiga l Comission of an Original Work for a friend

Mensagem Da Terra Do Silêncio web.jpg
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